12 March, 9:30 PM

Night Train

Is a modern Hong Kong pop band formed in 2012. Known for their super cool improvisations of the classics, this is a show the whole family will enjoy.
The powerful Cecillia on vocals, Lo on guitar, Avril on keys and Max keeping it steady on drums. Not a night to miss!

13 March, 10:30 PM

On Point feat. Janaia

Janaia is an amazing talent. The word ‘Amazing’ gets thrown around by many artists these days, but she’s the real thing. She possesses the type of vocal range associated only with the ‘greats’ but has a humbleness about her that pulls you in. Her disarming comfort on stage displays a presence that defies her age all while simultaneously revealing sensuality and wide eyed innocence.¬†

14 March, 10:30 PM

The Solution feat. Kara Belle

Kara Belle is quickly gaining a reputation for herself as one of Asia’s best vocalists. From soul to pop to R&B to jazz, Kara is a powerful and compelling vocalist who easily fills a room with her warmth, beautiful tone and subtlety.

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